Our story

When our founder realised that she wouldn't even use the agency that she worked for to care for her own children, she knew something had to change

SafeCircle was started because our own experience of existing evening childcare solutions is that they are not as safe as they appear or fit for purpose for individual family needs.

It is our strong belief that every parent should be able to take time out without worrying about their children being happy and safe. Most parents will turn to one of three options when looking for a babysitter:

  • Family or friends (if they are lucky enough to have them around)
  • Existing childcare agencies
  • Childcare directories

Existing childcare agencies

Our Managing Director, Keeley, used to work for one of the countywide agencies, however it was one day when a family she was working for asked about her checks that she realised the agency had not police checked her since she started... 10 years ago! In fact they hadn't checked anything about her at all in that decade of service.

Does the agency you use promise to check babysitters when they join AND on an ongoing basis?

It frightened us to realise that parents were innocently trusting that agency believing that they DBS check every sitter, and that they were safe. When Keeley realised that she wouldn't even use the agency that she worked for to care for her own children she knew something had to change.

Childcare directories

On the other hand, childcare directories rarely commit to any standard of checks instead placing the responsibility onto the parents. Some sitters are checked, some are not, and its not always clear, creating a huge pool of sitters for parents to sift through, and a lengthy process to find the safest and most qualified. That's even before they are required to interview, police and reference check their shortlist, only to be let down by them on the day.

How long would it take you to source and run checks on one or more potential babysitters on a childcare directory?

It was clear to us that parents needed a new option that set a reliable higher standard, one which actually met parents' expectations on safety, saved them time and which they could trust time and again.

This is when SafeCircle was born.

SafeCircle is born

With SafeCircle, we take responsibility for the safe recruitment of each of our sitters through our unique 12 point Assurance Framework. This allows us to provide parents with the highest quality babysitters from the childcare industry, saving you enormous amounts of time over a DIY solution with childcare directories.

Our regulation-standard checks reassures parents that the sitter standing at their door is reliable and will provide unrivalled quality care for their children.

At SafeCircle, we've sourced the highest quality babysitters from the childcare industry, backed up by our regulation-standard Assurance Framework to provide worry-free nights out.

We love making a difference to the lives of local families, and taking our new standard in babysitting even further afield, with our mission to have babysitting agencies, websites, app and services regulated to the same as other childcare settings.

We look forward to welcoming you soon,

The SafeCircle Team

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