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Why parents trust and use SafeCircle for their babysitting needs

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Everyone deserves a great night out or some weekend time off. You can book confidently every time knowing that the SafeCircle team has your back. Our unique and comprehensive Assurance Framework ensures the sitters at your door meet our unrivalled high standards every time.

Sitters your children love

From nursery nurses to sleep therapists, our sitters are childcare professionals selected for their ability to soothe and engage with children. Your children will love their sitters, and will be asking when they're coming back next.

Your family, your choice

We believe parents are the experts when it comes to finding childcare for their children, which is why you have full control over your booking. Our knowledge and expertise means we can help in matching you to the ideal SafeCircle assured sitters for your family but the final choice is up to you.

The SafeCircle Assurance Framework

Delivering trust through a culture of safety

With our unique 12 point recruitment, vetting and review framework, parents can be assured that our sitters not only meet childcare industry standards but exceed the current babysitting standards of other websites and agencies, giving our member families confidence to book time and again.

  • Assurance Checks

    Formal face to face interview, character assessment, qualification, ID, police, first aid and reference checks as standard for every SafeCircle sitter which are reviewed on a regular basis to maintain our high standards.

  • Assurance Features

    The safety features which give families and sitters the confidence to use SafeCircle time and again. These are the little things that mean a lot to our community, helping them to enjoy their babysitting experience with us worry-free.

Trusted by great parents

SafeCircle is trusted by the best. From doctors to professional sportspeople, and business owners to childcare professionals, our member families understand that all childcare should be exceptional, and that SafeCircle helps them find it.