Expert Consultation

What is it?

Our Expert Consultation is a complimentary service offered by SafeCircle Sitters which supports parents to be confident in their babysitter choices.

Our Family Consultant, Keeley Black will discuss your family's needs, and talk you through the babysitters available in your area and how they may fit your family. This a great chance to ask further questions about the individual babysitters and ensure they are who you're looking for.

Our Expert Consultations take place either via phone or video call depending on your preference. The aim of these is to give parents reassurance that the babysitter they are looking to book can meet their specific family's needs.

Why have one?

We understand that when looking for a babysitter for your children, only the best will do. This is why we only recruit qualified professionals who have been through our Assurance Framework checks which allow us to say with certainty that each one is exceptional and exceeds care standards.

That said, SafeCircle understand that each family is different and will require a babysitter that suits their needs. This is why, unlike other agencies, we don't send just any available sitter to your home but one which meets your needs and as parents you are satisfied is right for your family.

Our babysitters come from a variety of backgrounds which enables us to provide high-quality sitters. Many of our babysitters have experience of caring for babies, and those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). In addition to this, we have babysitters who have further specialized skills such as; sleep training, additional languages, and specific high dependency care and feeding needs (area dependent).

It's this mix of skills and experience which allows us to help match families with local babysitters which are perfect for their family and is why our sitters are much more than ‘just a babysitter’.

How do I book one?

To book an Expert Consultation, please contact us via email with your name, and a contact phone number, or alternatively feel free to call us on 0203 811 0445.

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