For Sitters

Joining SafeCircle

  • 1. How much does it cost to join SafeCircle?expand_more

    Nothing! It’s completely FREE for babysitters to join SafeCircle. We do not charge you to join nor do we deduct any part of your hourly payment. You are paid directly into your bank account via a 3rd party company who charge a nominal fee to transfer the money (around 16p on an average booking).

  • 2. I'm a childminder, how do I fill out the application form?expand_more

    We have a lot of childminders who join us as babysitters and that's perfect for us, as childminders are ideal candidates for our team. To complete the application form as a childminder you will need to:

    • Put 'Self-employed childminder' into the "Employment History" section and of course any other roles you have had;
    • For your references, add the parents of children who you currently or have previously provided care for;
    • Your qualification will need to be the home based childcare (childminders) course you completed.

    If you have any issues with completing the form we are always on hand to help out, so just give us an email or call.

  • 3. I don't have a DBS, can I still join?expand_more

    If you don’t have a DBS under 3 years old you will need to obtain a new one. This can be through your current employer or we can complete this for you, however there will be a fee of £44 for this. If you do not have regular DBS checks through your daily employment then we recommend you enrol with the DBS update service (£13 per year). This will enable us to complete a review of your suitability once every 3 years and save you the full cost of £44 each time.

  • 4. I don't have a Paediatric First Aid, can I still join?expand_more

    If you don’t have a Paediatric First Aid certificate under 3 years old then this will need to be updated. There is a short two hour course that you can access locally via Mini First Aid. This covers the areas required by our standards and is only £20 which is half the cost of a classroom based course.

  • 5. Why is your eligibility criteria so extensive?expand_more

    At SafeCircle we are looking to provide parents with more than just police-checked babysitters. We intend to set a new standard for babysitting with a team of only appropriately qualified, experienced and police-checked childcare professionals who not only want to work with children but are as passionate as we are in ensuring our member children are safe.


  • 1. What should I expect during a normal evening booking?expand_more

    This really depends on the individual needs of each member family. The vast majority of our member families will have their children fed, bathed and ready for bed before you arrive. It is good practice to offer to read to the children or play some calm games or activities before they settle down for the evening.

    Depending on the time of your booking the children will usually stay up for around an hour with you before you need to settle them for the night. However there are member families who prefer to settle their children themselves, so you'll just need to keep an eye on them in case they wake in the night.

    You will be expected to complete all required basic care tasks for the children during your booking including any feeds or nappy changes and any other toilet related support.

    Once the children are settled for the evening you can sit and relax. Our member families will usually allow you to use facilities such as the television and tea/coffee, though these should only be used if agreed by the member family.

    Should the child wake during the booking you will need to act promptly to settle them unless instructed otherwise by the parents if they are currently training them.

  • 2. What should I do if there are other children at the home?expand_more

    There may be occasions when our member families have additional children in the house staying over such as cousins or friends of the children. We ask member families to inform us if this will be the case so that sitters can consider this before accepting the booking. If we are informed we will let you know as part of the job offer information.

    Whilst ideally we would know before sending out the job offer, this is not always the case and the member family may inform you during your courtesy call or when you arrive at the booking. You will need to discuss this with the parents and agree upon if you are willing to undertake the task of caring for additional children.

  • 3. What if the parents arrive home early or late?expand_more

    Our member families on occasion are out having such a great time in the knowledge that their children are in the safe hands of our SafeCircle Sitters that they simply are not ready to come home yet. Most of our member families will contact you via call or text to ask if you are able to stay a little longer. This will need to be agreed by yourself as member families know many of our sitters have families of their own and additional hours outside of the booking may not be possible.

    If the parents do not arrive home on time this may be due to transport issues or they simply lost track of time. Either way you must not leave the booking until they return. If they are still not home within 15 minutes of the accepted end time for the booking you will need to contact the parents to find out what time you should expect them back. If the parents do not answer their phone leave them a message and wait for a response. If you still hear nothing and the parents are 1 hour late, call the duty phone for advice and remain at the house with the children.

    There are occasions when parents arrive home early from their evening out. If this happens they will need to pay you for the hours you have worked over the minimum of the 3 hours. If parents arrive back after 2 hours for example they are aware they still need to pay for the full 3 hours – this is completed automatically via the online payment system.

  • 4. How long after my babysitting booking will I receive my payment?expand_more

    As we use a 3rd party to complete the payment transfers, the payment will reach you within 7 days of the booking payment being agreed and completed by the parent. We monitor each booking to ensure that parents complete payment, thus preventing any delay in transferring funds to you.

  • 5. What should I do if I need to cancel a booking?expand_more

    We understand that sometimes things just come up and you may have to cancel. Visit our Policy & Guidance page to see our cancellations policy.

  • 6. What should I do if I have concerns for the safety or welfare of a child?expand_more

    If you have any concerns for the safety of a child during a booking you should follow our Child Protection Procedure. Visit our Policy & Guidance page to view our current policy.