How it works for sitters

Safe and supported bookings that work around your schedule

A typical booking

Accepting jobs from families



We'll notify you when a booking is placed by a family in your area.



Check the details of the job and family, and accept within seconds.



Call the family two hours before the booking to confirm your attendance and final details.



Arrive at the booking, showing your SafeCircle ID and look forward to engaging with the children.



Payment is sent directly to your bank account after the booking.

Key Features

We've introduced a number of features to help our sitters conduct jobs to the best of their ability.

Cashless payments

At the end of the booking the parent's card is charged and payment is transferred directly to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis.

Blocked families

We understand that sometimes sitters prefer not to work for a particular family. Our 'Blocked Families' feature ensures you won't receive bookings from families who you don't wish to return to.

Phone support

During evening booking periods, we're always available to provide additional support. Whether you're looking for information about best practice or to report an issue, we're here for you.

Key booking details

Job details are kept confidential until accepted, but we'll still give you enough information to help you decide whether it's right for you. This includes details about children and pets, and an estimate of distance to the booking.

Providing a consistently high quality sitting experience

Ensuring consistency from one sitting experience to the next is what we pride ourselves on. We set out a number of guidelines to ensure every sitter can perform at their best and make the most of each booking.

Sitter Codes of Professional Responsibility

The Sitter Codes of Professional Responsibility is our guide to a great babysitting experience. Read more about what we expect from our professional babysitters, and why we are unrivalled in our standards of care.

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Policies & Guidance

Our policies provide an in-depth view on a great babysitting and guides for possible challenges on bookings.

Policies & Guidance

Joining SafeCircle

SafeCircle is a rewarding and supportive environment in which to earn more from your childcare skills. We value each and every one of sitters team. Find out more about what our sitters say about working with us and how to join here.

  • money_off Free forever

    SafeCircle charges no fees for sitters to join, or on an on-going basis

  • repeat_one One application, many families

    One application gets you access to all subscribed families in your area