Babysitters in Derbyshire

We understand that compromising is not an option when it comes to enjoying worry-free nights out

Find a babysitter in Derbyshire

SafeCircle helps busy parents in Derby and surrounding areas find qualified and regulated babysitters to enjoy worry-free nights out. Find out why parents are choosing a SafeCircle sitter.

Premium, regulated babysitters

Our service and babysitters are what sets us apart. SafeCircle sitters are selected for their ability to display unmatched professionalism and ability to engage with your children. A qualification is not enough to be a SafeCircle sitter.

Adaptable, trustworthy and coming from various childcare backgrounds, it's in their nature to soothe, and interact with your child, supporting their emotional wellbeing and development. Our sitters have also signed a confidentiality agreement and maintain discretion for families.

Our Sitters

Saving you time

Your time is precious, so stop searching on directories. SafeCircle knows that you want the best for your family, and we guarantee that not one or two but every SafeCircle sitter is a qualified childcare professional with paediatric first aid and police checks.

We also go further by continuing to conduct regular reviews to ensure our high standards are met now and into the future. With our complimentary Expert Consultations finding your perfect sitter has never been easier.

Why SafeCircle

Sitters selected by childcare experts

Our 15+ years professional work experience in the childcare industry means we have been trained in and know how to recruit only the most qualified babysitter, who exceed expectations in care and work with us to set an industry standard in babysitting.

Our unique Assurance Framework ensures we set industry standards in babysitting which other services and website don't.

Who We Are

Which areas in Derbyshire will be served?

With SafeCircle, you will find a babysitter in most areas across Derbyshire including but not limited to: Derby (city centre), Barrow-upon-Trent, Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent, Chaddesden, Ashby-de-la-Zouch.

As always, the best way to find out if we will cover your area is to first of all pre-register, then complete signup when we go live.