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Exceptional sitters. Expertly selected. With a SafeCircle babysitter meeting your unique family needs, worry-free nights out are moments away.

Together, we make an expert team

We're experts

Finding trusted sitters is about more than checks and a qualification

Finding people with the character and skill to be an exceptional sitter requires extensive time and knowledge in safer recruitment. Our 15+ years of experience in childcare and child protection ensures a SafeCircle sitter is like no other.

You're experts

You know your family better than anyone

You know what makes your children special and the needs they have which affect how you care for them. SafeCircle provides the information and help you need to choose the sitters who best meet your family requirements, from newborn to SEN.

Exceptional sitters give you the power of freedom

The confidence you gain from having a proven childcare professional meeting your family's exact needs empowers you to do wonderful things.

That's why SafeCircle mums and dads understand that all childcare should be exceptional, and that we help them find it.

And it's why they've consistently rated us 5 stars since 2014.

"So fortunate this service is available in my local area"

"I'd say a big thank you to all at SafeCircle Sitters for giving me back a little of my freedom [...] I just think that the whole offering is fantastic and I would say to anyone who is nervous about leaving their child/ren to give them a try and see what you think as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

The L Family, getting back some freedom since 2019

Your trusted babysitting partner.

Trust is an overused but important word in the babysitting world. We put actions behind our words with a framework and support services that ensure we truly do act as your trusted partner for worry-free evening and weekend babysitting.

Babysitter holding child whilst looking out of a window

We run more checks than any other major babysitting service

Basic, one-off verification checks are not enough for us. Through our Assurance Framework we go further than other services by ensuring these and other key checks are performed throughout a babysitter's time with us.

You’re in control to ensure your family’s needs are met

We trust that parents know their family’s needs best. Unlike other services, sitter selection is your choice. So whether you require a SEN sitter, newborn, or another skillset, you’re always in control of who arrives at your door.

But we’ll also hold your hand if you want us to

We recognise that childcare decisions aren't easy. With our complimentary services, from Virtual Meets with sitters to our Expert Consultation matching service, we help give you the confidence to use a babysitter and go out worry-free.

Working hard for our member families

SafeCircle booking page displayed on a mobile

A smooth booking experience

Online booking, sitter selection and payments make the process of planning your next night out enjoyable.

SafeCircle My Sitters page displayed on a tablet

Save time finding the perfect sitter

SafeCircle cuts out the hassle of trawling through hundreds of sitter profiles on other services by presenting only the finest sitters in your area.

Family welcoming a SafeCircle sitter at the door

Babysitters we know and trust

We take the time to really get to know our sitters, helping us to match you with the right ones for your family.

Find a qualified, professional babysitter in Fulham, London

With SafeCircle, you can find our select babysitters in most areas across Fulham .

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